Produced by Gary Hoey
Executive Producer: Dave Kaplan

Track Listing

  1. High-Top Bop
  2. Get a Grip
  3. Strat Strut
  4. Mr. Mover
  5. City Sunrise
  6. Says Who?
  7. Stack Attack
  8. Rainbow Warrior
  9. Lost Dreams


Originally released in Germany “in 1989 as “Get A Grip”, re-released in 1995 by Surfdog Records as self titled.

This album was recorded in five days. This album was my first experience making a record and hearing my music under the microscope of a recording studio. It taught me how important it is to be absolutely prepared to lay down your tracks. The songs, “City Sunrise”, “High Top Bop” and “Rainbow Warrior” were written in two days because the studio start date got moved up and I ran out of time to write. It was an exciting time to get my first album released.