Dust & Bones (2016)

Track Listing

1. Boxcar Blues

2. Who’s Your Daddy

3. Born To Love You

4. Dust & Bones

5. Steamroller tribute to Johnny Winter

6. Coming Home feat. Lita Ford

7. Ghost Of Yesterday

8. This Time Tomorrow

9. Back Up Against The Wall

10. Blind Faith

11. Soul Surfer

Watch the Steam Roller (tribute to Johnny Winter) video from Dust & Bones

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About Steamroller (Track #5)

“When describing how he channeled Winter’s unique vocal style, [Gary] explained that it was partly due to a fluke. His resonator guitar was perched right underneath his microphone stand so that when he sang, the vocals echoed through the reverb of the resonator and echoed back into the vocal mic. It creates a haunting sound that fits the song like a driving glove.

The other tunes are intentionally all over the board and make for an appreciable tour through the many sub-genres that are, today, recognized as the blues.”

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10 Questions for Gary Hoey


Question #6: When was the last time you changed your own strings?

Gary: “Today. I change them every other show. I actually like to change my own guitar strings; GHS is what I use. Even though I have a guitar tech, I have a strange thing about knowing that I was the one who changed my strings. I like to break them in myself before the show. I’ve used various string gauges: 0.009 to 0.042 in the early days; 0.010 to 0.046; and now I use 0.010 to 0.052. and I tune down a half step to Eb.”

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